Five killed in cracker shop fire

NEW DELHI: Five persons were singed to death in a major fire in a cracker shop at Mahipalpur in South-West Delhi on Friday evening.

The fire broke out on the ground floor of a three-storey building where the cracker shop was being run around 7-30 p.m., and it immediately engulfed the nearby shops, Delhi Fire Service officials said.

The fire officials pulled out two bodies from the blaze. Both were charred beyond recognition. The three others who died in the fire were supposed to be customers who had come to the neighbouring grocery shops to buy groceries.

Traffic jams at major intersections

NEW DELHI: Traffic jams and bottlenecks at major intersections confronted many citizens of the Capital on the eve of Diwali.

The traffic police appeared simply out of breath to handle the flow with barely few constables doing the job of regulating the enormous flow of vehicles on Delhi roads. Missing from the line-up were the top brass even as some constables struggled to keep pace with vehicles and people who seemed to compete with each other in numbers.

This was not the first time that Delhi witnessed such a situation. Yet the authorities still seemed far away from giving relief to the commuters who were travelling either to Delhi or away from the Capital ahead of the festive week-end.

Gargi fair to focus on jobs for graduates

NEW DELHI: Looking to give students a chance to plan ahead, Gargi College is organising a career fair and career guidance seminar early in November. The seminar will focus on jobs for graduates and will be open to all students.

Apart from lectures by experts, the seminar will also provide a forum for peer interaction, pre-placement drives and all the information that students might need. The seminar will be inaugurated on November 2 by Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental.

Professor Pental will deliver a keynote address on "The value and relevance of liberal education at the undergraduate level''.

MCD fined for violating RTI Act

NEW DELHI: In a case first of its kind, the Delhi High Court has imposed a penalty on the MCD for misleading an applicant who sought certain information about an unauthorised construction under the Right to Information Act (RTI).