Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Just days after Headlines Today journalist Soumya Viswanathan was found murdered in Vasant Kunj, a Zee News journalist was attacked and injured by some men near the Mool Chand flyover in South Delhi on Saturday. The police suspect it to be a case of attempted robbery.

Around 9-30 p.m., Sourav Misra, who works with the sports division of Zee News, got off a bus near the Andrews Ganj bus stand and was about to cross the road when an auto-rickshaw stopped near him and three of its occupants intercepted him.

Before he could gather his wits, the miscreants pounced on him and tried to snatch his mobile phone. Sourav offered resistance at which they started beating him and punched him on the face several times. One of the assailants attacked him with a knife, injuring his right hand.

“They tried to stab him in the stomach, but he escaped with an injury in the hand,” said one of his colleagues.

The assailants then drove away in the auto-rickshaw. A shocked Sourav was unable to note down its registration number.

He then went to the nearby Mool Chand Hospital where he was given first-aid.

Based on a complaint by Sourav, the police launched a hunt for the culprits late at night.