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NEW DELHI: In an attempt to strengthen the country's secular foundations, Anhad (Act Now For Harmony and Democracy) is holding a two-day national consultation on communalism here in the Capital this coming week.

Hoping to be able to clear the air after the polarisation of the "saffron" agenda of the previous Government,

the meeting is intended to analyse the communal situation in various States during the past two years.

Close look at communalism

A close look at communalism, the national consultation

that would bring together activists from different parts of the country

hopes to be able to chalk out a future course of action to counter the hatred spread by fundamental organisations in the past few years according to Anhad.

Plan of action

Kicking off the deliberations, the meeting aims to arrive at a possible future plan of action for secular interventions as well as form a network of communication among secular groups and activists.

The organisers also hope to be able to form a monitoring group at the end of the two days.

Activists will also hope to discuss the proposed legislation to prevent communal violence.

With certain activists disappointed with the proposed legislation, it will give them a chance to discuss the Bill in detail, believe organisers.