The alternative policies and programmes of the Left parties, which is likely to be announced on July 1, will be crucial in setting up the foundation of a non- Congress and non-BJP federal front, Debabrata Biswas, general secretary of the All India Forward Bloc (AIFC) said here.

 “Unless a different set of policies is placed before people, they are not going to believe in a non- Congress, non-BJP alternative,” Mr Biswas said, at the sidelines of an event organised to mark the 74th foundation day of the AIFC.   

 The third alternative based on a common minimum programme will help other political parties come together and campaign in the elections , he added.  

“Trinamool does not believe in democracy”

 Commenting on the Trinamool Congress’ call for a federal front, Mr Biswas said that this was only an attempt to gain some prominence in national politics and divert the attention of people from problems in the State.

 “The Trinamool does not believe in democracy. How can it form a federal front?” he asked , pointing to the fact that over the past two years, the party has lost all its allies and supporters who had helped it defeat the Left Front.

 A party that does not accommodate any difference of opinion or dissenting voice cannot forge an alliance with other political parties, Mr Biswas said.