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Traffic police plan to intensify the drive further in coming months

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Traffic police have prosecuted about 90,000 two-wheeler riders for not wearing helmets till May this year. The drive will be intensified further.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Qamar Ahmed, 196 fatal accidents involving two-wheelers have been reported till May, in which 205 people lost their lives and 982 sustained injuries. In 31 cases, drivers were killed despite wearing helmets, while in 10 cases the drivers killed were not wearing helmets. In 11 cases, pillion riders who were not wearing helmets were killed. "This year, till May, 80,882 two-wheeler riders have been prosecuted for not wearing helmets, whereas 19,879 pillion riders have been prosecuted for the same offence," said Mr. Ahmed, informing that the Traffic police were intensifying the drive against those not wearing protective headgears.

"A large number of two-wheeler riders and pillion riders have been seen not using proper protective headgears, which are approved by the Indian Statistical Institute. They wear either minor caps or inferior quality helmets to avoid prosecution. It has also been observed that they do not properly strap their helmets," he said.

Mr. Ahmed said Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, provides for use of protective headgear while driving or riding pillion on two-wheelers and states that the drivers and pillion riders must, while in a public place, wear protective headgear conforming to the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards.