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"Initial investigations reveal nothing in the eyes that can lead to stone formations"

NEW DELHI: The All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here will conduct a series of tests on 13-year-old Savitri Kumari, a resident of Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, who has been `weeping stones' for about two years now.

Savitri has been crying "stones" instead of tears and has since undergone a surgery in Ranchi to correct the condition without any relief. The teenager has now been admitted to AIIMS for further investigation and treatment.

"After initial investigations we found that there was nothing in the patient's eyes that can lead to stone formation. As of now her eyes have no problems. We are conducting a series of tests, including ear, nose and throat analysis, tear analysis (for protein and calcium accumulation) CT Scan and dye-assisted X-ray. The entire process will take two-three days," said Dr. J.S. Titiyal, professor of ophthalmology at Rajendra Prasad Centre in AIIMS.

He said a full chemical analysis of the stones would also be carried out to ascertain their composition. Savitri, who was admitted to the Institute on Wednesday afternoon, will also be undergoing psychological assessment.

"This is the first such case we have come across and we have to be sure of all the aspects. We also understand that children her age tend to do extraordinary things to attract attention, therefore psychological assessment is a must," added Dr. Titiyal.

Meanwhile, the patient has been kept under observation in the hospital. Savitri's father Ganesh Ram, a mason, has also claimed that stones would sometimes roll down even from her ears, nose and mouth.

"We examined her ears too, there was a lot of wax, but I did not find any stones in them," said Dr Titiyal.

Savitri, who dropped out of Class VII because of her painful condition, will be treated free of cost at AIIMS. "We will not charge anything. This is an interesting case for us too. I had asked them to bring the girl to Delhi. We have high-tech investigation facilities available. We would like to investigate and treat her too," said AIIMS spokesperson Shakti Kumar Gupta.