‘This deficiency is found in as many as 35 per cent patients'

The changing lifestyle, especially consuming fast food, is resulting in weakening of bones of people, a senior Orthopedic surgeon associated with All India Institute of Medical Sciences has claimed.

“Because of eating pizza and burgers, bones become weak resulting in people suffering fractures even after suffering minor injuries,” AIIMS Orthopedic Department Head Dr Prakash P Kotkal said here while addressing a three-day long conference organised by the Madhya Pradesh Chapter of Indian Orthopedic Association.

Dr. Kotwal said he has found this deficiency in as many as 35 per cent patients visiting him for treatment as the density of bones get reduced due to changing lifestyle.

Addressing the conference, Mumbai-based Dr Ram Prabhu informed that now it has become easier to fill the gaps created by fracture of bones as it can be cured by taking away bones from the other body parts.

Dr. Prabhu also informed that like blood banks, five bone banks are also being operated in the country and there is a plan to expand their network.

Earlier, inaugurating the conference, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Uma Shankar Gupta highlighted the shortage of doctors in rural areas and urged the association to convince its members to serve in small towns and villages.

A large number of Orthopedic surgeons, including Bhopal's Gandhi Medical College Dean Dr Nirbhay Shrivastava were present on the occasion.- PTI