‘Such appointments lead to insecurity, lack of future orientation'

Less than a year after the administration was forced to withdraw an advertisement for contract appointment of faculty members in the ENT and Medical Oncology departments, All-India Institute of Medical Sciences has issued another advertisement for contract faculty posts in the ENT and Neurosurgery departments, according to senior faculty members at the Institute.

“The selection process for regular appointments at AIIMS is already under way so there can be no tearing hurry for these contract appointments. The obvious motive is to unfairly place the contract appointees in an advantageous position for regular selections. It is obvious that vested interests are involved,” noted a senior faculty member.

A release issued by the Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum (a forum consisting of scientists and faculty members from AIIMS among others) noted that the administration has brought the Neurosurgery Department to a piquant situation by forcing the resignations of neurosurgery faculty by not promoting meritorious faculty in the recently held selections.

It is possible that the promotions were denied to make way for “favoured” selections, said the release.

“It is the third move on the part of the Union Health Ministry to force AIIMS to make appointments of faculty members on contract within three years; though it goes against the government policies that try to ensure that contract and ad-hoc appointments for university teachers are minimised. It is also against AIIMS policy that ad hoc appointments will not be made,'' noted the release issued by the Forum.

Faculty members at the Institute noted that contract appointments leads to career insecurity, lack of future orientation, exploitation, financial disadvantages and stress.

“We should ensure that AIIMS and other such organisations are not destroyed by such means. We oppose contract appointments at AIIMS and other medical institutions,'' noted the Forum.

  • Vested interests are involved, says a senior faculty member

  • “Against AIIMS policy that ad hoc appointments will not be made”