‘Good’ teachers of Delhi University might just get a trip to London, New Zealand, Denmark and even get as far as Australia. After “punishing” ‘bad’ teachers who don’t take classes, the university is now seeking to reward those who have been ‘good’.

“Teaching Excellence Awards for Foundation Courses” is for those who have “successfully demonstrated the use of interactive platforms and elicited identifiable learning outcomes from students in the first year of the foundation courses”. The teachers will, of course, have to nominate themselves.

Interested teachers will need to apply on a plain paper and attach a 10-minute video of teaching a class, a one-page statement on new teaching methods used, one sample project that students have made under the teacher’s guidance, evaluation methods, five citations of student feedback and a recommendation from one “referee” familiar with the teacher’s work, among other things.

Three teachers for each foundation course will win the “fully-funded study tour” to one of Delhi University’s partner universities abroad for 10 days. These include the University of Edinburgh, Scotland; King’s College, London; Open University, U.K; and universities in Norway, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. They will have to observe the teaching methods adopted in these countries so that they can use “similar good practices”.

According to the information on the DU website, April 30 is the last day for applying. Who will ultimately get to take a flight from the Capital’s international airport will be decided by an “eminent committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor”.