The day BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi called Arvind Kejriwal a Pakistani “agent” and AK-49, donations flooded the party. The AAP got more than Rs. 1 crore in donations on Wednesday, after over 1,208 donors contributed generously to it.

The day for the AAP was made when one of its supporters, Ganesh Ramani from Hong Kong, donated Rs. 62 lakh in cheque. The donations reflected a trend of the AAP getting tremendous support from its supporters every time there is an “attack” on the party.

Donors flooded the party with contributions after Mr. Kejriwal announced in Varanasi that he would take on Mr. Modi and requested voters to contribute to the party fund.

The AAP received over Rs. 48 lakh from 1,246 donors on Tuesday. From December 12, after the Delhi poll results were announced, till date, the party has received more than Rs. 17 crore from 70,525 donors from 104 countries.