The U.S. is the highest overseas donor

After the Delhi Assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party has received over Rs.5 crore in donations, with the United States being the leading source of funds.

According to the party website, Rs.5,09,27,383 was received as donations from India and abroad with a sizeable chunk of funds having come from within the country.

The party has received Rs.3,90,66,900 as donations from India.

Among the overseas donors, the party received Rs.45,73,257 from the U.S., followed by the United Arab Emirates from where donors contributed Rs.15,49,764. This was followed by Singapore from where donors contributed Rs.11,45,112, the United Kingdom at Rs.11,19,869 and donors from Canada contributed Rs.4,56,689 till date.

The party said that after the passage of trust vote sought by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, it received Rs.1 lakh in over 72 hours.

“We have also seen a trend of people donating Rs.2014. On January 1, we received donation of Rs.2014 from 2,200 donors. This was probably more symbolic. There have been days when we have received Rs.50 lakhs donations in a day,” said a party spokesperson.

PTI adds:

The spokesman claimed the party membership has surged after the Delhi election results and on an average over 15,000 people are joining the party every day.

“Since the Delhi election results, we have had four lakh members who have joined online while another 10 lakh members have come in person and have joined the party,” he added.