Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Shocked by the brutal murder of 75-year-old Madan Mohan Gulati and the murderous attack on his wife on Monday, residents of Sukhdev Vihar in South Delhi said the tragedy was just waiting to happen.

“This is not the first time robbers have struck in Sukhdev Vihar. As many as half-a-dozen robberies have been reported in the area in the past few months. But the victims never resisted on earlier occasions and escaped with minor injuries. Mr. Gulati exhibited courage and stood up against the robbers and lost his life,” said Suresh Chandra Sareen, president of the Sukhdev Vihar Residents’ Welfare Association.

Faith in police lost

“Having lost faith in the police, some residents here have even hired private security guards. But that too is no guarantee of safety. Six months ago a couple of young men entered the house of businessman Surender Sharma by scaling the rear wall. He has security guards stationed outside his house round the clock, but the robbers still made off with cash and jewellery. A senior advocate was also targeted four months ago. Similarly some young men barged into a house very near to that of the Gulatis a few weeks ago, tied up the old lady and made off with cash,” added Mr. Sareen, a retired bureaucrat.

Though the colony has 270-odd houses with over a dozen entry gates, a row of houses facing Mathura Road is the most vulnerable.

Refraining from putting the entire blame on the police, Mr. Sareen said the police can do little with the limited resources at their disposal.