Madhur Tankha

"Space Fair" held in the Capital to inculcate scientific temper among visitors

NEW DELHI: Aimed at spreading awareness about National Science Day, the Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators (S.P.A.C.E.) in association with Nehru Planetarium organised a "Space Fair" at Teen Murti Marg here on Wednesday.

Inaugurated by Nehru Planetarium Director N. Rathnasree, the fair showcased a wide range of educative models and do-it-yourself activities to help visitors understand interesting aspects of science. National Science Day is celebrated every year to mark the discovery of "Raman Effect'' by the great Indian physicist C. V. Raman.

To inculcate a scientific temper among visitors, the fair highlighted Sunspots observation, crate making activity, comet kitchen, "science around us" and finding time without the use of watches. On-the-spot quiz, drawing and jigsaw puzzle solving competitions attracted a huge participation.

Dedicated to Dr. Nirupama Raghavan, former Director of Nehru Planetarium who passed away recently, the fair was visited by about 1,000 people, including many schoolchildren.

Paying homage to Dr. Raghavan, Dr. Rathnasree appreciated her efforts to popularise science among the masses.

She said such fairs were a learning experience for the lay public and brought science learning out of the confines of laboratories and science institutes.

According to S.P.A.C.E. president Chander Bhushan Devgun, the fair was a big success and achieved its goal of involving the community in science activities.

Working to inculcate the scientific temper among the masses, S.P.A.C.E. has successfully undertaken many such activities including the Mars road show, Vamana project during the Venus transit and Heliodyssey in which a contingent comprising people from all sects of society were taken to Turkey for performing experiments during the total solar eclipse. It also runs astronomy and science clubs in Delhi and National Capital Region schools.