A residents' welfare association in South Delhi has set up an electronic surveillance system with closed-circuit television cameras and electronic access-control gates using its own funds, hoping to “ensure all-round safety and security” of the colony.

The Chittaranjan Park Pocket 40 RWA has installed as many as 40 networked CCTV cameras, and three unmanned gates that open only with numbered and registered access control cards. Further the RWA will maintain 15 days of video recorded though the cameras and it has also set up a “fully-equipped” control room for real-time monitoring. The video feeds from the camera will also be streamed on the Internet for local police officers to utilise in their crime-fighting efforts.


Inaugurating the new security system over the weekend, Special Commissioner of Police (Vigilance) Alok Kumar Verma said: “This is a commendable initiative by the area residents. The system will enable the local police to view movements in the entire colony over the Internet or on android-enabled mobile phones, irrespective of where they are [stationed]. It strengthens our slogan – ‘Citizens First' – and we hope that this model will set an example for all RWAs in Delhi.”

The RWA said the 40 CCTV cameras have been installed at vantage points around the colony including all gates. A dedicated camera has also been positioned at the main entry to Pocket 40 to help read the registration number of vehicles to help track them. The cameras are infra-red enabled which helps in video-recording activities round-the-clock. As light diminishes below a certain level, the cameras can automatically switch to night mode and make use of near infrared light to deliver high-quality, black and white images, the RWA said in a statement.

The RWA general secretary S.C. Bhadra said installation of CCTVs would help in checking “unscrupulous activities” in the area, besides keeping a track of all entry and exit points. “The entire project has been funded by the RWA. The feedback from the cameras will help pinpoint troublemakers, inebriated youth, compulsive eve-teasers and criminal elements. This has helped us redeploy security guards for better beat duty.”