Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The newly-formed United Residents’ Welfare Association Joint Action Senate on Tuesday released its action plan for residents’ welfare associations for the upcoming Delhi Assembly polls.

Comprising seven zonal members from seven zones of Delhi and three members of People’s Action, URJA will encourage youngsters to exercise their voting rights as there are some 39 lakh young voters in the age group of 18 to 29 years. Its members will also check electoral rolls to ensure that duplicate or fraudulent entries are deleted, launch an awareness campaign to ensure maximum voting on polling day and organise inter-candidate debates with RWA members as audience.

Outlining the key campaign inputs, URJA Senate member from Central Delhi Atul Goyal said RWA members were already taking these steps. “As the nomination process is complete, all Assembly constituencies have a good idea of who the candidates in the fray will be.”

Other Senate members echoed the need for ensuring a high voter turnout and discussed various steps that RWAs might take to create awareness at their own level within their colonies. The RWAs will also organise debates between contesting candidates and allow residents to come to their own conclusions about the fitness of each candidate. Expecting some resistance from certain candidates, URJA Senate members will petition political party members to issue a whip to their candidates to attend such debates.