The documentary ‘Gandhi in Mexico: A Look at Non-Violence’ was screened at the India International Centre on Saturday. It was a production by OraWorldMandala and TV UNAM (TV channel of the National Autonomous University of Mexico), and the Gujarat Vidyapith, a university founded by Mahatma Gandhi. The aim of the event was to bring forth a dialogue between the two countries concerning the various shades of violence they have both experienced in varying degrees. The documentary follows the path of a delegation sent from India that visited Mexico under one of Gandhi’s last disciples. They encounter Gandhian values in the effort of people to achieve a positive transformation for their country.

The claim was that Gandhi would have acknowledged their work as an extension of his Constructive Programme, which was a structure that endured values of non-violence, which served as the strongest undercurrent in the nationalist movement for freedom from the British rule.Issues of diversity, class and race were discussed at the screening.

It follows the path of an Indian delegation that visited Mexico under one of Mahatma Gandhi’s last disciples