Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: As cricket fans gear up for the next edition of the much talked about Indian Premiere League, Travel and Living Channel will on Friday beam a special episode on Shah Rukh Khan's love for the gentleman's game and his team Kolkata Knight Riders.

The episode from “Living with a superstar: Shah Rukh Khan” series presents an enthralling story of Shah Rukh's team. The star will give his perspective on his team's ups and downs.

The episode takes viewers through the fall of Shah Rukh's team as they were handed out defeat in South Africa and how he plans to revive it up. The controversies, the decisions and the Kolkata Knight Riders' game plan will also be in focus.

A team player

“I didn't buy the cricket team as a movie star. I bought the cricket team as a person who likes sports. I just happened to be a movie star and if that aspect has got people more interested then so be it because I think at the end of it all it is very important for Indians to be interested in sports,” asserts the star.

Stating that his team members love him, Shah Rukh adds: “They always tell me, ‘Listen Shah Rukh B hai,you need to be here', so I go there. If they tell me one day ‘don't come and we will win', I will say whatever it takes man…”

Shah Rukh says he is always a team player, be it film-making, business or cricket.