Around 42 Indian students have clinched the coveted Australian “Endeavour Scholarship” that comes with a range of options for different levels of study from the vocational to post-doctoral. It is an open doorway to some of Australia’s most prestigious universities for fields of study including Science, Environment, Agriculture, Health, Engineering, Hospitality, Business, Education, Law, Regional Stability and Governance, and Creative Arts.

“I congratulate all the 42 recipients who will be part of the next generation of academic leaders in India. They have won these awards against extremely fierce international competition,” said Australian High Commissioner Patrick Suckling. “I am pleased they will have the opportunity to build strong personal and research links with Australia and I’m confident these networks will continue long after the scholars have returned to India. This will reinforce our strong and enduring bilateral relationship,” he added.

Each year, the Australian Government offers the scholarships to students, researchers and professionals from around the world to study in Australia’s education institutions or undertake a professional development programme. The scholarships, according to the Commission, are extremely competitive and merit-based.

This year a total 476 endeavour scholarships were offered to international students. Around 150 scholarships were also offered to Australians to undertake study and research outside their home country.