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‘Transformers installed in the village area had uncovered wires’

NEW DELHI: Residents of Barala village in Outer Delhi have alleged that nearly 20 peacocks have died after being electrocuted at a nearby transformer owned by the power distribution company NDPL.

While the villagers claim that the discom had made no efforts to ensure that the birds do not get electrocuted, NDPL officials had a different storey to tell. An NDPL spokesperson said: “We received information that a peacock had been electrocuted at a pole-mounted transformer at Barala village this past Friday. The number being cited is exaggerated and we are taking steps to ensure that the wires are properly insulated.”

“The bird must have come into contact with two wires. We will, however, take all precautions required to ensure that the incident is not repeated,” the spokesperson added.

The villagers had alleged that the transformers installed in their area had uncovered wires which had become a death trap for the peacocks.

While Delhi Police officers claimed that no complaint had been registered, wildlife officials could not be reached for their comments.