Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The private power distribution company BSES's enforcement team claims to have detected as many as 17 cases of dishonest abstraction of energy by affluent people living in the posh Neelkanth Apartments in the IP Extension area of East Delhi.

The company claimed that all the 17 electronic meters had broken seals and had been slowed between 63 per cent and 93 per cent using `a plethora of cleverly designed methods'.

Following the raids, which began on Friday and continued up to Monday, BSES said it stumbled upon cases of power theft by many from the affluent class who not only break the seals of their electronic meters but also install foreign elements to slow them.

Charging that new means were deployed by the 17 households to slow down the meters, the company said the total load being used by these flats was well over 200 KW.