Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Delhi State Haj Committee held the “draw of lots” for selection of Haj pilgrims for 2010 at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) auditorium here on Tuesday.

As per the quota allotted to Delhi by the Haj Committee of India, a total of 1,206 pilgrims were selected through a computerised draw of lots. The State Haj Committee had received 6,305 applications for provisional registration for this year. Applications of about 190 pilgrims, who were rejected continuously for the last four years, were given confirmed status without holding the draw.

The process of drawing of lots got delayed by about two hours because of a problem in the server at Mumbai.


Earlier, Delhi Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan assured the pilgrims that the Chief Minister would be requested to increase the quota allocated for Delhi. Congress MP Mahabal Mishra said the computerised draw of lots had brought transparency to the selection process.