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Language may face death if this continues: Satchithanandan

THRISSUR: The younger generation of Malayalis shows very little interest in learning and preserving Malayalam, writer K. Satchithanandan has said.

Delivering the keynote address at a seminar on `Pravasa Malayalam' organised by the Global Malayali Council here on Thursday, Mr. Satchithanandan said Malayalam would face death if the younger generation did not embrace the language.

He said living in alien land caused a sense of alienation that spurred creativity though it posed material challenges.

"For the same reason, writings by non-resident Keralites occupy a special place in contemporary Malayalam literature," he said.

Writer Vaisakhan presided. Earlier, addressing a meeting to release a collection of poems by V.G. Thampy, Mr. Satchithanandan said poetry transcended the limits of language.

"Poetry has a universal language and spirit. It is not restricted by the linguistic strictures of prose." Mr. Satchithanandan said Mr. Thampi's poems evoked images of evolution, Bible, Nature, feminine energy and meditation.

Balachandran Chullikad said he disliked linguistic chauvinism.

"I write in Malayalam, but I feel we should also learn and understand English."

Delivering the keynote address at a seminar on `Indian writing in English' organised by the English Department of the St. Thomas College, Mr. Satchithanandan said Indian writing in English should invoke native images and symbols.

"Portraying region-specific issues and characters that do not speak or think in English poses a serious challenge to Indian writers in English," he said.