Conversion of toilet space into shops and residential units into commercial spaces is possible in Kochi corporation, as proved by some builders.

The vigilance raid had exposed the attempt of a builder to convert the space marked as toilet in the building plan (permit no: MoP2CoC/0070/11 Dt.24/3/11) into shop in his building. The parking area proposed in the plan approved by Kochi corporation was found not in accordance with the Kerala Municipal Building Rules 1999. More area was also constructed in the ground and first floors of the building, deviating from the approved plan. The recheck carried out by the corporation after the vigilance intervention confirmed the findings of the agency regarding the provisions for toilets. The corporation, on its part, intimated the agency that it had issued notice to the builder to make provisions for toilets

In another case, two floors of a building (permit no: MoP2/369/08 Dt.26/12/08), which was marked for residential purpose, was converted into commercial space. The corporation officials also confirmed the findings of the vigilance that there had been deviations from the approved plan and violation of conditions regarding available open space.

Fully accepting the findings of the vigilance in another case (permit no: KRP2/967/08.DT.16/6/08) where the room height of the commercial floor was less than what was mentioned in the approved plan and scooter parking and loading and unloading spaces were not even proposed in the approved plan, the corporation said directions were issued to the builder.