Yamini Thankachy, estranged wife of the former Minister K.B. Ganesh Kumar, on Monday told the Family Court here that her husband had violated a crucial condition of the agreement they had struck before filing a divorce petition on grounds of mutual consent.

Her counsel, B. Sandhya, told the court that Ms. Thankachy had withdrawn the criminal miscellaneous petition she had filed against Mr. Ganesh Kumar early this year under the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act on the ground that both parties would adhere to the conditions of the agreement.

Prime condition

One important condition was that both parties would not raise matters relating to each other, their children or the domestic dispute in public fora.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate, while accepting the withdrawal of Ms. Thankachy’s petition, had prevented the parties from raising the issue in public domain. It was also stressed that the right to privacy of their children as juveniles be protected.

Against Pillai

Ms. Thankachy submitted through her counsel that her estranged husband’s father, K. Balakrishnan Pillai, had made certain remarks on the issue recently.

She prayed that the court insist that the conditions of the agreement be adhered to by the opposite party.

Disallows plea

The court also disallowed Mr. Ganesh Kumar’s plea that he be exempted from making a personal appearance when the judge hears the divorce petition on Wednesday.