Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Diabetes among adults is responsible for 30-40 per cent of cases of kidney failure. According to statistics available on diabetic persons across the world, the number of people suffering from type II diabetes has increased 3-5 times in the last 25 years. Hence, the focus of World Kidney Day on Thursday was to come out with preventive aspects of the disease.

With more cases of diabetes being reported in the Kerala population, there are more people who could be potential renal patients, said Abi Abraham, senior consultant nephrologist, Lakeshore Hospital.

“Chronic kidney disease is a condition in which kidneys gradually lose the ability to remove waste products and excess water from the body. As waste and fluids accumulate, other organs in the body are affected, leading to complications”. There are no obvious symptoms of the disease, said Dr. Abraham. The disease can progress to complete kidney failure, and dialysis or kidney transplantation becomes necessary. These and many preventive aspects of the disease were discussed at a meeting organised by the hospital in which kidney transplant patients, dialysis patients, kidney donors, potential renal patients and family members of patients took part.

The Medical Trust Hospital conducted a free medical check-up for people at the Chavara Cultural Centre on the day.