Implementation of local-level road safety schemes

An incentive fund has been mooted by World Bank under the proposed second phase of the Kerala State Transport Project for implementing local-level road safety schemes.

The incentive fund has been mooted by the bank for the State along with a 77-km demonstration corridor from Vettu road near Kazhakuttam in the State capital to Adoor in Pathanamthitta and staffing of the Kerala Road Safety Authority (KRSA).

The pre-appraisal mission, led by bank’s Senior Transport Economist Simon D. Ellis, which was in the State in December, in its report, mooted the incentive fund to support the district road safety committees.

Under this, the districts will have to devise road safety schemes and seek assistance from the incentive fund. Official sources said the proposal assumed significance as the State had been witnessing high fatalities in road accidents. The mission pointed out that an agreement was needed for including the incentive fund as a component in the KSTP.

On the proposed demonstration corridor, the pre-appraisal mission said the 77-km road had been surveyed for the safe road project aimed at bringing down accidents to zero. The priority should be to appoint a company to undertake detailed baseline pilot survey for the safe corridor. Pointing out that the KRSA was not fully staffed, the pre-appraisal mission suggested appointing contract staff to key positions with the support of the KSTP second phase project. A sum of Rs.110 crore has been identified for the road safety component. This includes Rs.2.50 crore for the coordination support for the KRSA, Public Works Department, and district level committees, Rs.20 crore for the incentive programme to fund district road safety project projects, and Rs.88 crore for the safe corridor project.

  • 77-km safe corridor to bring down accidents to zero

  • KRSA not fully staffed, says pre-appraisal mission