Special Correspondent

KOCHI: Kochi-based Mentors and Trainers recently conducted a workshop on the essentials of developing healthy relationships, at the Kerala Management Association hall at Panampilly Nagar.

Resource person Ajaikumar, in his presentation, highlighted the importance of relationships and relationship-building skills in day-to-day professional and personal life. Another interesting session was by T.K. Raman who spoke on “How to impress others without words, but through your body language”.

Chief guest Venugopal C. Govind lit a lamp to mark the formal launch of Mentors and Trainers. Most of the heads of corporates, CEOs and directors are today confused, tensed and hence need objective counsel, he said. The major problems are decision-making, risk-taking and delegation to develop a second line of leadership. Information is critical. Timely information is doubly so.

Dr Rabindranath Athri, consultant, also spoke.