Special Correspondent

KOCHI: The initiative taken by the Kerala government to improve radiation safety in diagnostic images was lauded by V.S.Iyer, a top official of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, here on Saturday. He was inaugurating a workshop on quality assurance and radiation safety in diagnostic imaging, organised by Directorate of Radiation Safety. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with AERB.

The DRS, set up by the State government, functions as per guidelines of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. It enforces rules and regulations of AERB and organises programmes for technologists and radiologists, according to P.J.Joseph, its Director.

Several experts who took part in the programme expressed the view that many medical diagnostic X-ray units are operated by unqualified personnel.

There are instances of carelessness among the qualified technologists.

Ionising radiation should be handled with care rather than fear and its risks should be kept low.

Radiation overdose is a worldwide phenomenon.