A north-zone workshop for the District Institute of Educational Training (DIET) teachers held here on Monday has put forth the suggestion to start IT clubs in Teachers' Training Institutes (TTIs) in the region to help trainees develop their own blogs and make them aware of the wide possibilities of information technology.

P. Jayadevan, senior lecturer from the Kozhikode DIET, who attended the workshop, said that Director of Public Instruction (DPI) A.P.M. Mohammed Hanish had endorsed the proposal. According to him, the workshop had also proposed to provide special training for the conveners of the IT clubs at TTIs for this purpose.

The workshop has also recommended the preparation of specialised support material for relatively “less-scoring subjects” such as geography after identifying the “hard-spots” in the subject. “What we are planning is the preparation of materials that would help bring increased clarity in understanding the subject,” said Mr. Jayadevan.

A project to the effect of developing a mini-forest in each school as part of observing 2011 as the International Year of Forests had also been put forth by the Kozhikode DIET during the zonal workshop, said Mr. Jayadevan.

K. Prabhakaran, DIET Principal Kannur; P. Abdul Razak (Wayanad); C.M. Balakrishnan (Kasaragod); and M.V. Mukundan (Kozhikode) spoke on the occasion. The workshop was addressed by Mr. Hanish at the Hyson Heritage Hall here. More than 50 DIET teachers from the northern districts of the State took part in it.