Old Malayalam numerals have been included in one of the works.

`Panchatantra', a group exhibition now on at Mattancherry, assembles the works of five artists living and working in different parts of the country.

The show has no strict framework and the works exhibited more or less represent the basic characteristics of each of the five participants. The artists are Hema Upadhyay, Sheetal Gattani, Sosa Joseph, Sunoj D., Vivek Vilasini.

Upadhyay and Gattani hail from Mumbai while Vivek and Sunoj are Malayali artists based in Bangalore. Sosa Joseph lives and works in Kochi.

Upadhyay and Joseph are alumni of M.S. University, Baroda, while Gattani completed her art studies from J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai. Vivek has no formal education in art and Sunoj is a graduate from Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore.

Upadhyay's work titled `Hic!' makes use of a multitude of material and media, including acrylic, gouache, dry pastels and photographs. Gattani's untitled abstract works in watercolour have the distinctive mark of her oeuvre, with the rough textured surface and the absence of forms of figures.

The two works of Sunoj, winner of the New York-based Bose Pacia Prize for Contemporary Art, continue to deal with the issues of self, construction and narration of identities.

`We Learn What They Teach' is a display of nine class group photographs, ink jet prints on cotton rags. The other work, `30 Days', is a display of 30 photographs, artist's own camera shots, taken on 30 days of a month.

Sosa Joseph's three works from the series `The Limits of Understanding' explore a pulsating world of aquatic life. It is full of the throb of life, of small fish caught in eddies and currents.

Vivek's three works are also from a project that the artist is currently working on - `Study for Between One Shore and Several Others'.

Three letters (three compound letters) from the Malayalam alphabet, which are not in wide use these days, are reproduced in casein on 300 gsm Aquaralle Arches paper.

The old Malayalam numerals, which have become completely obsolete, are also included in one of the works.

The show is on at Kashi Art Gallery in Mattancherry till March 4.