Rajan Gurukkal, Vice-Chancellor, MG University, has stressed the need for women to get politicised and individualised.

Inaugurating the workshop organised for women teacher counsellors here on Thursday, Prof Gurukkal said these were the only ways to get rid of the discursive socio-political compulsion, which thwart their development.

A girl child is converted into a woman by encumbering her with the strictures imposed by society, he said.

The ‘power knowledge combine' of the male-dominated society regulates the talk, walk, body postures and attire of the woman. “The woman who deviates from the set of rules imposed on her, is often marginalised,” he said.


Prof. Gurukkal said that only a little more than 10 per cent of the women in the State were individualised and only half of this number were politicised. Against this, more than 50 per cent of the men were individualised and nearly 25 per cent politicised, he said.

He stressed the importance of feminism in this regard and said this has been an emerging area of study with its own new epistemology.

V.N. Chandramohanan, Syndicate member, chaired the session.