Moodadi’s paintings stay clear of sentimentalism. The treatment is realistic, even rugged.

His paintings are far from sentimental as they reflect a raw aesthetic sense in both selection of themes and use of brush strokes. Praveenchandran Moodadi’s paintings, being exhibited at the Malayala Kalagramam at New Mahe in Kannur, betray his rugged and unmelodious approach towards themes that may otherwise be given exotic treatment.

Nearly all his paintings displayed at the exhibition, which began on July 13, bring nature to the viewers, though the shades are a wee bit different!

Black flowers, leaves in blue, orange and white colours, trees in garishly red hue.

The exhibition was inaugurated by former head of the Kannur University Department of English C.P. Sivadas. Artist M.V. Devan was also present at the function. Mr. Moodadi, who also writes short stories in Malayalam, studied fine arts at the Malayala Kalagramam and the Calicut College of Art.

‘Ente Kazhcha’, a painting displayed at the exhibition, exemplified his raw style and craft.

It is a landscape with crimson sky and a hill in dark colour and white trees.

His ‘Pranayam-1’ is devoid of all sentimentalism, and the subject is treated quite harshly. So are his other paintings such as ‘Memory’, ‘The Girl’, ‘Silence’, ‘Frame’ and ‘The Houses’.


Mr. Devan sensed “the presence of a matured mind rather than a celebration of exulting youth” in Mr. Moodadi’s paintings. He also noted a touch of melancholy in the artist’s works. Mr. Moodadi has participated in three solo exhibitions and nearly two dozen group exhibitions all over the State. He hails from Chemmarathur in Vadakara. His collection of short stories is ‘Oru Surrealistic Chithrakarante Katha.’ Presently he is working as an assistant director for a movie project.

Mohamed Nazeer