Jampacked Kochi Stadium witnesses Celebrity Cricket League matches

They had done it before the box offices, now they were doing it before the international stadium — for entry tickets.

On Saturday afternoon, hours before the Kerala Strikers sparred with Mumabi Heroes, two school-going youngsters, Jinu and Joemon, stood outside the office of the Kerala Cricket Association at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, pleading for two tickets.

The beseeching tone tugged at the heart of the one of the organisers that he got them two passes to great delight of the youngsters.

Everybody worked their contacts to get hold of passes to the venue of the Celebrity Cricket League matches. Some were While those desperate were pleading for at least gallery passes to catch glimpse of their favourite stars, those who thought they wielded enough influence were demanding VIP passes.

Calls flew thick and fast over mobile phones to source passes. While some had good news at the end of those calls, disappointment was writ large on the face of others. Looks of envy trailed every one who was seen in possession of a pass.

Small crowds were seen gathered outside many entry points leading up the matches. They were either collecting passes that were being given away by someone who had excess pass with them or else were pleading with officials whom they thought could get them those passes.

Even the security guards at the entry points were not spared as some young fans were seen begging them to let them in without passes.

The limited passes left after the State-wide distribution through the fans association networks were given away through the counters at the stadium leaving countless fans disappointed. They lingered around the KCA office at the stadium and some gallery tickets, which the organisers distributed, were taken like food packets at a refugee camp.

Nibin, who had come all the way from Kannur, was one such lucky fan who benefitted from the large heartedness of the organisers enabling him to watch the match with his friends.