30 cases confirmed in district so far

Apart from the eastern parts of the district where dengue fever outbreak has been confirmed, the western parts of the district too are at risk of dengue epidemic, District Medical Officer K. Salila has said.

Many areas in the western sector have congenial breeding sites for mosquitoes and a high incidence of mosquito breeding has been specifically noticed in the Puthentheruvu area of Kulasekharapuram panchayat, Dr. Salila said.

Dengue fever is caused by any one of four closely related viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. A dengue infection can range from a non-specific viral infection to severe hemorrhagic syndrome. Normal symptoms include fever, joint pain, headache and vomiting. Dengue hemorrhagic fever, on the other hand, is a potentially deadly complication.

Doctors are finding that dengue fever is much more dangerous to persons contracting it multiple times. When a person is infected a second time with a different strain of the dengue virus, dengue hemorrhagic fever becomes much more likely. Prevention relies on mosquito control programmes and it demands the involvement of all sections of the population.

Vector source

Dr. Salila said that the Puthentheruvu area is dotted with several scrap dealing open yards and the items dumped there collect water which provides fine breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. Vector control measures were undertaken at Shakthikulangara, Paripally, Oachira, Sooranad, Thevalakara, Kundara and Karavalur.

The recent dengue fever outbreak had resulted in one death in the district and the victim was identified as Salaludeen, 46, a businessman from Ittiva pnchayat. High incidence of dengue fever had been reported from Chadayamangalam, Ilamad, Kulasekharapuram and Pathanapuram panchayats, Dr. Salila said.

While 21 dengue fever cases in the district were confirmed till Thursday, nine more new cases were confirmed on Friday. The number of suspected dengue fever cases stood at 42. On Tuesday, 752 persons sought out-patient treatment for viral fever in the district. 54 persons who had contracted viral fever had been admitted to various hospitals. Nine jaundice cases were also confirmed in the district on Friday.

  • 42 suspected dengue cases

  • 752 seek out-patient treatment for viral fever