S. Anil Radhakrishnan

Expected to ease traffic congestion on arterial road

LMS-Mascot junction to be widened

Bus bay at Palayam to be relocated

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Two-way traffic will soon be introduced on the War Memorial-Mascot and War Memorial-LMS stretches on the arterial M.G. Road in the capital city.

A senior Public Works Department (PWD) official told The Hindu that work on opening the stretches to two-way traffic was on in full swing. Work on the widening the LMS-Mascot junction was nearing completion, he added. The new arrangement is expected to ease traffic snarls near Fine Arts College, Martyr’s Column, Palayam and VJT Junction.

At present, traffic snarls are often caused when vehicles proceeding towards Palayam from the LMS side stop at the signal near Fine Arts College. The bus stop of the city and private buses in front of the college compounds the problem. There are also frequent traffic snarls along the Martyr’s Column-VJT Junction when buses halt near the main entrance of TRIDA’s Saphalyam complex and vehicles proceeding towards University side halt at the VJT Junction for the signal.

Many a time, the carriage way remains blocked due to parking of two-wheelers and cars. Posting of traffic constables to prevent parking along the stretch and imposing penalty on motorists who violate the ban has not in any way solved the problem.

Worst affected

The worst affected are motorists proceeding from LMS side towards Asan Square. Vehicles from the Martyr’s Column are not permitted to turn right, as incoming vehicles from the VJT side occupy the carriage way. But, two-wheelers and even cars violate the restriction and try to proceed through the stretch.

For the benefit of buses and other vehicles from AKG Centre and Asan Square side towards Statue, the left service road near Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium has been thrown open. After the signals are deactivated at night, it is a free- for-all on the stretch.

The bus bay for KSRTC and private buses to Pattom in front of St. Joseph’s Cathedral will not be relocated. A permanent bus shelter will be constructed instead of the thatched shelter.

Bus bay

To mitigate the problems of the road users and to avoid the confusion being faced at VJT junction, the official said the bus bay in front of the Saphalyam complex would be relocated.