Visitor tracking system at temple soon

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They will be electronically shadowed with tags that link with security network

: Visitors to Sree Padmanabha Temple would be electronically shadowed while within its precincts, said the police. They would be photographed on entry and issued electronic tags resembling wristbands. Embedded within the devices are miniature radio beacons designed to communicate passively with hidden remote sensors linked to the temple’s security camera network.

The ‘Visitor Tracking System’ would alert the Security Command and Control Centre if they veer off from a set path, attempt to enter prohibited areas or stay for more than a specified period of time inside the shrine.

The police would collect the tamper-proof and lightweight equipment from visitors when they leave the premises.

The police have proposed the installation of full-height turnstiles, revolving doors that do not allow more than one person to pass at a time, at all entrances to prevent attempts at creating a rush to overwhelm the security and enter the temple in groups.

The police have proposed that access to the shrine through its four main entrances be restricted to two for better visitor control. Steel reinforced blast-proof speed folding doors have been installed at few of the entrances, which were earlier protected only by old wooden doors.

The photographs of visitors would be digitally archived. Law enforcers will use face recognition software to aid them to recognise the visages of known law breakers, saboteurs and terrorists if such elements appear on the temple’s surveillance camera network. However, officials say, anyone can attempt to fox the system by altering posture to avoid the cameras, varying one’s facial expressions, and making beard and hair-style changes or by wearing glasses.

Security personnel would be trained to detect such suspicious behaviour and isolate the “suspect” for detailed background check before allowing him or her inside the shrine.

A modern public address system would be installed within the temple, primarily to broadcast messages to visitors in multiple languages in the event of an emergency.

It would also help security personnel regulate visitor movement, evacuate them in the time of disasters, and provide accurate information on timings of important rituals, length of queue and possible emergencies such as fire, smoke, terrorist attacks or weather- and nature-related events. X-Ray baggage scanners would be installed at all entrances and exits.

State Police Chief K. S. Balasubramanian and IG, Thiruvananthapuram Range, Manoj Abraham would oversee the security arrangements. Keltron security group headed by Beena Mathew would provide technical expertise along with certain other agencies.

  • Visitors to temple to be photographed

  • Access to temple to be restricted to avoid crowd




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