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Children rescued from the streets take the SSLC examination

KOCHI: Among the scores of children appearing for the SSLC examinations this year is a small group of 50, who, if left on their own, would not have got this opportunity.

These are the children from different centres of Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan based in Kochi.

There are 18 children among these who were rescued from child labour or child beggary.

Thirteen of them are boys, who have been under the care of Don Bosco, Palluruthy, for the last six-seven years. There are five girls who were given shelter at Valsalya Bhavan, Vaduthala.


Most of these children are migrants from other States, said Mathew Thomas Panamkattu, executive director of Sneha Bhavan.

The rest of the 32 children are drawn from society itself. Most of them are school dropouts or those who had failed their SSLC examination earlier.

With little support from families or society, they wander about becoming easy prey to anti-social activities, said Fr. Mathew.

Don Bosco Open School, a project of the Sneha Bhavan, has managed to bring around a few of such youth to take their SSLC examinations. "We provide them coaching at the Open School centre," he said.

"They come from different places like Palluruthy, Perumpadappu, Edakochi, Fort Kochi, Thoppumpady, etc. The aim is not just to make them pass the SSLC examination, but to give them a sense of direction to lead their lives, he said.