Campaign to book reckless drivers soon

The open defiance of traffic rules by the drivers of certain private stage carriers (private buses) is posing a threat to the safety of smaller vehicles and pedestrians. (They tend to drive on the wrong side of the roads).

Small vehicles veering off the road to avoid collision is not an uncommon sight here. The traffic department is yet to evolve a mechanism to instantly track down and punish the violators.

The Kozhikode-Kannur route witnesses the highest number of such incidents, where traffic is mostly managed by Home Guards.

Records available with the traffic police wing show that around 250 private buses were involved in various accidents since the beginning of 2012.

Most of these were the result of rash and negligent driving, the records say. This is at a time when the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation buses present a relatively fair show with just 43 minor cases during the term.

“Even the policemen on duty ignore the private bus drivers who take pleasure in thoughtless driving. Senior citizens and drivers of smaller vehicle are the victims,” says C. Balachandran, a city resident.

Policemen are scared to take legal action against the drivers as they have the support of bus operators’ associations and politicians, he adds.

Office-bearers of the Road Accident Action Forum (RAAF) say long-distance buses are the ‘real villains.’ Their impatience on the road during peak hours is worrying. It is quite spiteful that they even misuse sound horns and headlights to taunt small vehicles, they say.

RAAF State president K.M. Abdu says the police and Motor Vehicle Department are reluctant to take action against drivers who make use addictive substances during duty hours.

“Also, both these departments hardly bother to change the unscientific manner in which the schedule of buses is fixed,” he says.

The MVD will launch a checking drive with the support of the police to book reckless drivers. The combined checking drive will begin in the city on Monday and fines will be imposed on violators, sources say.

Regional Transport Officer Rajiv Puthalath says the misuse of headlights during daytime has come to the notice of the department and strict action will be initiated against this.

“The licence of drivers will be suspended with immediate effect and the drive will be intensified from Monday,” he says.

  • MVD to launch drive with support

    of police

  • Licences of erring drivers to be suspended: RTO