Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The district health authorities are on their toes as a case of chikungunya was reported from Malippuram recently. Deputy District Medical Officer Rosy Sebastian said that some areas in Malippuram and Puthuvype have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes because of the total lack of sanitation and hygiene.

A team of health officials had visited the area last week to enquire about the chikungunya case and conducted vector studies. The health team that visited the area on Wednesday advised the people to keep the water containers covered and to clean up the garbage lying around. Water is collected in containers because of the lack of proper water supply. These containers are becoming the breeding source of mosquitoes that spread chikungunya and Dengue. Regular awareness campaigns need to be conducted in the area, said Dr. Sebastian. The panchayats have no proper garbage disposal system and the drains are clogged with waste materials, she said. The toilets have no proper septic tanks and no covering of the vent.

A meeting of the district health officials and the Corporation health officials on Thursday discussed about the increasing number of typhoid cases in West Kochi. Twenty-one cases have been reported in the last three months.

Fogging activities will be intensified in Mattancherry and Vaduthala. Four Dengue cases were reported from Vaduthala in January. Along with fogging, source reduction activities will also be taken up.