The government has directed the heads of departments to report the vacancies arising in their department to the Public Service Commission, the administrative department, and the Administrative Reforms Department (Advice C section) before June 1. A circular issued on Thursday said that vacancies in each department due to retirement, promotion, post creation, deputation and non-joining should be calculated and reported to the PSC. If there are no vacancies, the officers should submit a ‘nil’ report. The vacancies that would arise between January 1 and December 31, 2014, should be reported to the commission before June 1. The vacancies reported should not be cancelled or cut down. Leave or deputation vacancies for more than six months should be reported. Maternity leave vacancies up to six months need not be reported, but if it exceeds six months, it should also be reported.

Rank lists

If there are rank lists, vacancies should be filled by candidates from the list. All non-joining duty posts should be reported to the commission once the time-limit set for joining expires. Before submitting the report, the officers should check whether any candidate had sought an extension in the joining time. The posts for which rank lists are pending should not be filled through temporary appointments or with candidates from the employment exchange.