Staff Reporter

Kozhikode: Though the law enforcing authorities have banned the use of mobile phones while driving, vehicle users in the city do not generally obey the rule.

In rural Kozhikode, the situation is even worse.

It is a common feature that bus drivers do not mind using the gadget while speeding on the State highways, particularly in the accident-prone areas of Kuttiyadi-Ulliyeri route.

Last week a bus driver who was using his mobile phone while driving knocked down a six-year-old boy.

The boy was walking along the roadside with his uncle at Ulliyeri. The victim was killed on the spot.

The local people and passengers' associations demanded that the police take stringent action against bus drivers using cellular phones while driving and cancel the permit of the bus.

The rising number of accidents involving private stage carriers was attributed to this phenomenon of using the mobile phones while driving, they said