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Wants Manmohan to come clean about impact of global financial crisis

Kozhikode: Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha L.K. Advani, on Tuesday, demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh come clean about how much the global financial crisis is going to affect the Indian economy.

Addressing a public meeting on Kozhikode beach, Mr. Advani said, “there is a lot of confusion on this score. And there is a feeling that the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the Centre is less transparent.” Mr. Advani was here in the city in connection with three programmes, including the Vijaya Sankalp Yatra, of the party.

Price rise

He said the UPA government had failed miserly to check the skyrocketing prices of all essential good and services. Every trip to the market had become a tormenting experience for the common man.

The Manmohan Singh government had failed to manage the economy, resulting in the inflation and high recession. Middle-class families were paying more than double the amount as interest payment on loans they had taken for housing during the regime of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government. As a result of the economic slowdown, there would be fewer employment opportunities at a time when unemployment was already a big problem.

Stating that the UPA government had become a curse, he said it had failed to address the problems of farmers, including those in the State, mostly the growers of various cash crops. Its failure to fight terrorism had been most glaring.


Mr. Advani said that his party did not associate terrorism with any religion or community. But it was the Congress party that believed that strong measures to counter terrorism would alienate a particular community.

He said the people of the country needed to decide whether it was the BJP or the Congress which was communalising the fight against terrorism.

“Does the enforcement of the Supreme Court verdict on Afzal Guru, main accused in the terrorist attack on Parliament, constitute targeting a community,” he asked

“Does enactment of a strong anti-terror law such as POTA constitute targeting a community? Does stern action against organisations such as SIMI and Indian Mujahideen constitute targeting a community? Does effective action to stop infiltration of Bangladeshis into Assam and other parts of India constitute targeting a community?”

Mr. Advani said the Vijay Sankalp rallies had been organised ahead of the coming Lok Sabha elections. For a month and a half, he had been touring the country, including Uttar Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh.

BJP State president P.K. Krishnadas, vice-president V. Muraleedharan, national executive committee member O. Rajagopal and national secretary Balbir Punj were present.