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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The University of Kerala is considering replacing its current examination answer sheets with a 40-page answer booklet with security features.

The booklet may sport a security code and its serial number may be hidden in a ‘scratch card’ mode. The idea is to do away with the system of assigning false numbers. The efficacy of the booklet would be tested through a pilot study, Vice-Chancellor A. Jayakrishnan said at a conference of college principals held at TKM Engineering College, Kollam, on Wednesday.

Grassroots changes

If delays in evaluating answer sheets were to be avoided, grassroots-level changes needed to be effected in the conduct of examinations, Dr. Jayakrishnan said.

The Vice-Chancellor later told The Hindu that the ‘scratch card’ mode of hiding the register number of candidates would be more user-friendly than a bar code.

Once a candidate turned in his answer booklet, a sticker would be pasted on top of the portion of the answer sheet where the register number is written.

While the bottom portion of the sticker would be fully transparent, the upper portion would be opaque.

After the evaluation is done, the designated university staff would scratch away the upper portion of the sticker to know the register number of the candidate. The results could thus be directly entered into a university computer.

This, Dr. Jayakrishnan pointed out, would enable the varsity to do away with the process of tabulation which takes up to 45 days.