Filmmaker Vinayan has said that the English version of his 3D digital stereography film ‘Dracula 2012’ in Malayalam will be released worldwide by the Universal Pictures, American motion picture studio.

Talking to reporters here on Saturday, the Kuttanad-born director said the date of release of the English version will be decided by the Universal Pictures. “It tells the story of Dracula with a mix of Indian mythology and yoga in it. This might be the reason that the Universal Pictures evinced interest in the movie as it will definitely interest the Westerners,” he said.

The Malayalam version will be released in February. It will be released in two more languages apart from Malayalam — Tamil and Telugu — and released at one go in 400 centres spread across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on February 8.

The cost of the film in four languages, Malayalam, English, Tamil and Telugu is 12 crore.

“Eighty-five per cent of the film is shot in Alappuzha and the rest in Romania (where the Bran Castle attributed to Dracula is located). I had introduced a lot of new artists in lead roles, including Sudheer who has done a few roles in TV serials. He was made to take a break from TV serials for a year and undergo training and presented him as a Dracula with six packs,” he said.

He claimed that the film is the first Malayalam film in 3D Digital Stereography and the first to get translated into English.

He said that Dracula 2012 reiterates his view that if the superstars do not cooperate, he could employ super technology in his films.