A high-level UNICEF team led by Carrier Auer, Chief of Field Services, UNICEF-India, visited the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Mulangunnathukavu, near here recently.

First of its kind

Ms. Auer held a meeting to discuss the role of the Child Resource Centre at KILA in ensuring good governance for children.

UNICEF-aided Child Resource Centre (CRC), the first of its kind in the country, will facilitate local governments to design and implement comprehensive child development programmes.

The major activities of the CRC will include organising training programmes, setting up on-line repositories on child governance and forming a consortium of stakeholders engaged in child governance and policy advocacy.

The team comprising Sathish Kumar and Akhila, UNICEF’s Chief of Filed Office in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, visited Thrissur district panchayat and Adatt grama panchayat.


They interacted with local body representatives on child-friendly governance.

KILA Director P.P. Balan, Child Resource Centre head Peter M. Raj, CRC consultant K.L. Sudhamani and training associate K.G. Sandeep participated in the meeting.