Staff Reporter

Kozhikode: Kerala needs to focus on preparing its youths to be employable if the State wants to attain growth in its economy, journalist T.V.R. Shenoy has said.

Speaking at an interactive programme "Economic Development of Kerala - Problems and Prospectus" organised by the Malabar Chamber of Commerce here on Monday, he said that the State's biggest problem was unemployability and not unemployment of the youth.

A vast majority of our youth were not suitable for employment in the new era.

"We are not producing the right kind of people. Seventy per cent of our graduates are not fit for jobs," Mr. Shenoy said.

The attitude of the people towards a particular job should also change. Keraliites have an aversion to physical labour even when millions of jobs are available in the construction industry. About 14 lakh jobs are going to come up in this industry alone, he said."Our mindset is still of the past. We still believe achieving mastery over English and ability to calculate without the help of calculators can get us jobs. Several years these skills provided mass employment. But not so now," Mr. Shenoy said.

He said that teaching quality was the worst in the State. Most institutes distribute certificates without training students. In that case the students from Bihar were well informed. At least the Bihari knows that his certificate was "fake" unlike the Keralite who is ignorant about the value of his certificat.

Engineers and doctors are certainly going to get jobs. But not everyone can be professionals and get employed in the BPO and the software industry. MCC president P. Zakeer and secretary K.P.Aboobacker spoke.