English spoken by Tamilians and Malayalis is difficult to comprehend even when they claim otherwise, P. Bhaskaran Nair, former Professor, Lincoln University, United Kingdom, has said. He was addressing an interactive presentation titled ‘Whose English is it’ organised by the North Malabar Cultural Collectivity in association with Department of English, Sree Narayana College, Kannur on Saturday.

This was because the people here were turned a deaf ear to the small differences in individual sounds which were vital to the English ear. Another problem was stress and intonation. The native tongue had a speech rhythm while the English rhythm was the ‘stress time’ rhythm, he said.

In the session at Hotel Central Avenue here, Prof. Nair detailed the psycho-linguistic (everything in language that has a connection with brain and mind) and socio-linguistic aspects of the language. As per the education system followed here, children were exposed to methods and techniques of learning than allowed learn by oneself. The system need to be psycho-linguistically restructured, he said adding that the objective of teaching a language was to use it effectively in any circumstance than merely during examinations.

Focussing on the communication aspect, Prof. Nair said good linguistic ability does not necessarily make one a good communicator.

C.M. Pradeep Kumar, chairman, North Malabar Cultural Collectivity, presided over the function.

Language expert says small differences in individual sounds which are important to the native English ear.