Government Chief Whip P.C. George has said that the United Democratic Front (UDF) will fare well in the byelection at the Piravom Assembly constituency as the Opposition Left Democratic Front (LDF) has become a fragmented front.

Speaking at a meet-the-press programme organised by the Press Club here on Sunday, Mr. George said the UDF candidate would win by a margin of no less than 10,000 votes at Piravom if all the UDF votes were polled. He said that though the public opinion in the constituency was against the holding of election on Sunday, he was personally not opposed to it.

Mr. George said the CPI(M) district conferences had shown that the party has deteriorated over the years.

The CPI(M) had been on the way to its own destruction, he said.

Mr. George said education loan was going to be a major issue in the State. The seriousness of the problem was highlighted by the agitation of nurses in the State, he said. — Special Correspondent