‘Lack of procurement hurting farmers’

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) State unit president T.P. Peethambaran has called for urgent measures to save the agricultural sector in the State.

At a press conference here on Tuesday, he said the United Democratic Front (UDF) government appeared to be completely apathetic towards the agriculture sector.

Procurement of paddy and copra had come to a standstill. He wanted the government to utilise funds of Central government supported agricultural schemes for procurement in order to save the farmers. The policy of the government appeared to be one against procurement. This attitude was pushing the farmers to suicide, he said.

Delay condemned

Mr. Peethambaran said that while his party welcomed the announcement of Agriculture Minister K.P. Mohanan that procurement of copra would commence from December 31, the NCP leader wondered why the exercise should take so long to commence. He said that the NCP would review the situation after December 31 and decide upon the course of action to be taken in support of the farmers.

He said that the industrial sector of the State was in a shambles. ‘‘We are having a government that does not function and the people have started having second thoughts about the continuance of the UDF government. Instead of serving the people, the government was engaged in appeasing community and communal leaders in the hope of getting the support of the people,’’ he said.

The NCP leader said his party was in the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance at the Centre because that was the only effective alternative to keep the BJP out of power. In future, if the NCP found another practical alternative to keep the BJP out of power, the party would think on the lines of supporting that alternative.

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