New check-dam to be built at Ramamangalam, says Minister

It has been almost a week since residents of Tripunithura have got their full measure of water. Unlike the 80 lakh litres of water that was supplied every day, the Kerala Water Authority’s sub-division at Tripunithura is supplying just about 40 to 50 lakh litres.

Minister for Water Resources P.J. Joseph, who chaired a review meeting of the water crisis in the city and the suburbs, told reporters that a new check-dam would be built at Ramamangalam. The new dam would resolve the water shortage at the intake point of Choondi treatment plant which supplies water to Tripunithura and Chottanikkara and Udayamperoor panchayats.

“The water-level in rivers is much less than what it was last year,” said Mr. Joseph. Failure of rain and drop in power generation at the two main hydel projects in Idukki havewater level in the river receded . The city’s supply will become normal only in another three days that will provide water 24 hours. As the pumping was affected for several hours continuously because of the salinity incursion, it will take time to restore the supply, he added. The work of the bunds to check salinity were completed two days ago.

At Choondi, there is more water in the course of the river flow opposite the intake point, hence a temporary check dam would help the Choondi treatment plant to get the necessary water, said the Minister.

The residents in Tripunithura had been getting water only on alternating days for sometime now. The 35 lakh litres of the water tank capacity is pumped twice daily to provide 80 lakh litres for Tripunithura, according to the KWA official in Tripunithura. The recent shortage provides water to be supplied only alternatively to different directions, said the official.

With some of the distribution networks having problems, there are areas where there has been no water supply close to a month. Water needs to be pumped into the tank the same time as it is distributed. But due to power cuts in the morning hours, the pumping of water into the tank lags hence the pressure build up to reach the end points is less.

Supply to Thiruvamkulam in Tripunithura and the two panchayats of Udayamperoor and Chottanikkara is through yet another storage tank of 10 lakh litres. Here too, water is supplied to each area alternately.